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Precision Sterile Compounding At Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy

Sterile compounding is incredibly important for some medications, especially those meant to treat sensitive areas of the body including the blood stream, the eyes, the lungs or the heart. RX3 Compounding Pharmacy is the only pharmacy in the central Virginia (Richmond) region able to offer highly specialized sterile compounded medications such as:

  • Injectables
  • Ophthalmics, Such as Eye Drops & Ointments
  • Inhalations

Sterile Compounding: A Measure Of Our Commitment

At Rx3 Pharmacy we have a specially designed Clean Room, designated for sterile compounding. Our pharmacists prepare medication according to Chapter 797, which lays out the regulatory standards for sterile compounding preparations. These procedures include:

  • Lab testing of finished products, both in-house and independently
  • Monitoring with environmental microbiology sampling
  • Monitoring the particle count of the sterile environment
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance routines
  • Routine outside certification of our laminar flow hood
  • Routine testing of our pharmacy staff’s sterile technique
  • Proper staff grooming and gowning before entering critical sterile areas

These procedures ensure that your medication is properly and safely prepared and will not contain any allergens or outside contaminants.

Maintaining a sterile environment requires a constant, ongoing commitment to quality and safety. This is the commitment Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy makes to you. Please contact us to learn more about Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy sterile compounding.

Interested to learn more about our Sterile Compounding? Feel free to reach out to us or give us a call at 1 (888) 384-5470